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Remote Engine Starter Via Original Car Key For Car Precooling And Preheating

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Quick DetailsPlace of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: OEM Model Number: LY-YKECU Warranty: 12 Months weight: 1kg color: black function: prewarm and precool the car car coverage: specific for certain car model language: English, chinese Keyword 1: remote engine starter Keyword 2: car precooling Keyword 3: preheatingPackaging & DeliveryPackaging Details:in OEM cartonDelivery Detail:within 3 working days after paymentRemote Engine Starter Via Original Car Key For Car Precooling And PreheatingPlease tell us your car model before place ordering, it is specific for certain car model.Buying together with our specific car dvr, you will get  big discount.Product DescriptionWhy Need Our Car Key Remote Engine Starter?- For your healthy and safetIt is intolerant and unhealthy to get into car in hot summer. It may cause death sometimes( it is not a joke), lets see the survey data:In bitter winter, do you want to shiver with cold even get into  car for long time?With our device, you can restarter your car air conditioner to the comfortable temperature before you get into car, no need to bear severe cold or burning hot.Function:(More functions are being researched)Remote start car air condition system with original key, then the temperature inside will be heated or cooled at a comfortable one before you get in.How to work--Button For Start and ExitStart: Press the lock button on original key for 3 times within 5 seconds, then the remote start engine device start to work. The car alarm light will flash and the horn will ring shortly. The engine will be flameout automatically after 15 minutes. Also, if start car door after the device start working , it also flameout.Personal choosing buttonHorn sounds before starting: turn the dial switch "1" to "ON", it means to close horn sound, otherwise the sound is on default.Cars covers for mercedes benz:Numbercar modelsyear for carsVIN1A Class2011-2014w1762B Class2011-2014w2463B Classbefore 2010w2454C Class2015w2055E Class2005-2008w2116E Class2009-2014w212 w2077GLK Class2007-2014X2048C Class2007-2014W2049R Class2012-2014 10ML Class2006-2011.12W16411GL Class2006-2011.12X16412R Class2006-2011.12W25113S Class2005-2013W221Working environment:APP Introduction: Notice please:Make sure your car battery service life.If your car not started for a whole week, the battery life will be shorten. We advice to pull up the OBD-II power supply and start your car with key one time.For safety, do not start car when it is maintained, and pull up the OBD-II power supply before turn over your car key to others. And do not start car remotely in gas station or besides inflammable and explosive chemical articles.Do not use this device for any other purposes, otherwise it may be broken.The horn is on default when starting car, which will cause noise. Please turn the dial switch "1" to "on" to turn off the sound.Do not use it in a stuffy or closed environment, like underground or private garage. Otherwise you may suffocated for airless.Please adjust the air volume and temperature of air conditioner to what you want before get off, if you want to heat or cool your car more quickly.Keep device dry. Moisture or liquid will destroy the device or electro circuit.Do not drop or collide the device.Do not place it in over-cool or over-heat place.Stop use it and call service center when it make strange noise or smelly or smoking.Do not dismantle, adapt or repair the device, otherwise it will not be guaranteed. Call the local service for any maintenance.Don’t bite or suck the device for case of any destroy.How To Install1. The tools we need:2. Use a special tool to remove the lock latch outside EIS (Rotate Left taken round buckle)3. Under lock and remove the top and follow the plug colors and pin adapter plate and fasten the harness to plug the card back and then re-lock (Note Replacing the snap lock at the top position)4. Fixed adapter plate and the control panel of the fixed sleeve in the adapter plate is then fixed in the end plate trim control panel on the left side tied with cable ties5. Replace the trim and the ignition switch lock (right rotation) testPackaging & ShippingHost3 general converter boxesWiring harnessManualWarranty cardCertification cardImage DetailsPS: If you do not want to open trunk for dirty hands or for full hands, you can buy our another device, just kicking contactlessly with your feet is ok.( for Android electronic trunk cars)

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