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Setting up a Representative Office in ChinaWhen a foreign company contemplates about entering the Chinese market,Website:, it may first engage in activities such as business liaisons, market research, product promotion, and perhaps further, quality control, technology transfer and other legally permissible activities in China. In this case, a representative office (RO) is an effective vehicle for foreign investors to carry out preliminary interactions with the Chinese market. A RO is easy to set up and requires no registered capital, it’s not a form of foreign direct investment (FDI) in China, and therefore cannot involve in operational matters, nor can it issue official invoices, or receiving payments in RMB. The only requirement is that the parent company must be established for at least 2 years. The name of the RO must follow the format of "Parent Enterprise Name" + "City Name" + "Representative Office". The address of your representative office will be submitted in the application and it must be located in a commercial building. The rising Chinese middle class presents an unprecedented growth opportunity for foreign businesses, but it is also one of the most difficult markets to crack. YINGKE is a Chinese premier foreign investment service provider, we not only specialize in China company incorporation, our experienced and diverse team offers comprehensive ongoing investment solutions in over 40 cities in China. We are your reliable partner in China to launch your business, our high quality services extend to accounting, HR, legal structuring, business strategies, marketing and business development, etc. With our support, you can embark on your journey in China and we will be there for you in every corner.

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