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Resin Polishing Pads For Concrete Floor Polishing

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Product Description
Concrete Floor Polishing padBasic Info.:Diameter.: 3inch(76mm)Thickness: 10mmUsage: concrete PolishingCustomized.OEM.HS Code: 6804229000Grits: 30,50,100,200,400,800,1500,3000.Shape: RoundBond:Resin BondApplication: Concrete floorDry application.Available sizes:3"(76mm),4"(100mm),4-3/4"(120mm),5-3/4"(147mm)Origin: ChinaProduct Description:Resin polishing pads for concrete floorThis polishing pads are used for shaping and polishing soft and hard concrete floors. Dry use only. According to hardness of concrete,choosing different hardness of polishing pads can bring high performance and gloss finish.Fast polishing and long life.With velcro attachment,easy to operate.Using efficient dust collection device together are suggested when grinding. Item No.  Diameter    Grit Thickness C100123  3"(76mm)    #30  10mm C100124  3"(76mm)    #50  10mm C100125  3"(76mm)    #100  10mm C100126  3"(76mm)    #200  10mm C100127  3"(76mm)    #400  10mm C100128  3"(76mm)    #800  10mm C100130  3"(76mm)    #1500  10mm C100131  3"(76mm)    #3000  10mmEmail us

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