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1161 Retort, with ground-in glass stopper, Boro 3.3 GlassDescription: Distillation retort is made of boro 3.3 glass, a original distilling flask, it has ground in glass stopper. Used in chemical industry, petrochemical industry, electronic chemistry, biochemical phamaceuticals and in laboratory. Small sizes often use in classroom experiment for sulfur dioxide, vitriol and so on.There are 3 sizes available. 250ml retort, 500ml retort, 1000ml retort.Material: Boro 3.3 GlassColor: clear glassSelling points: Boro 3.3 Glass  high qualitySpecification: Cat. No.CapacitymlO.D.of bulbmmQty/Ctn11612508624116150010516116110001308

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