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Retractable Dome Awning

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Product name :House Electric Opening Roof Awning/Automative Ceiling Canopysky dome folding awning is featured that the embedded rails and rail pulley are connected. Under the action of the springs, the wire rope can create stretching and compact and smooth .The structural frames are made of high strength aluminum alloy /zinc alloy /ABS resin. The bolts and screws are made of stainless steel .If the width of the awning is too big, the whole structure may sink a litter bit. The biggest extension length is 6.00 meter. The biggest applicable length is 6.00 meter. Width(m)Extension Length(m)234562√√√√√3√√√√√4√√√√√5√√√√√6√√√√√"√ "means available ,"/" means not available

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