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Rhomboid Prism

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Rhomboid PrismsFeatures: Lateral Displacement of Beam, Displaces Optical Axis Without Inverting Image, Input and Output Beams Parallel to ±30 Arcseconds, High Precision Dimension Control,Optional Substrate Material.Applications: stereoscopic system, periscope system, Projection Systems, Imaging Systems, Laser Measurement Systems, etc.Description:Rhomboid prisms are commonly used to displace a laser beam without changing its direction. In imaging applications, rhomboid prisms will displace the optical axis without inverting the image. The lateral displacement is equal to the length of the prism (specified by dimension D). Our Rhomboid Prisms feature high tolerance angles that keep the output beam parallel to the input beam to within 30arcseconds. They are ideal for demanding displacement applications.Rhomboid prism can displace a laser beam without change the image orientation, the input beam is totally internal reflected by two 45degree faces and goes out from the output face. Then, a lateral displacement is produced. Higher transmission rate can be achieved by anti-reflective coating on the input and output faces. Rhomboid prism is always used in stereoscopic system and periscope system. Currently we can make angle tolerance

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