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Ricoh B110cr Zebra S600 Printer Resin Ribbons

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PT3002( Ricoh B110CR )is Resin super smear resistance ribbon for versatile applications on flat-head thermal transfer printers. Superb abrasion and solvent resistance performance satisfy almost all the general use even in some extreme environment.PERFORMANCE PROPERTIES•Higher heat resistance up to 200°C•Excellent chemical, solvent and scratch resistance.•High resolution for 600DPI printers.•Applicable to a wide range of synthetic materials: film PET/PP/PE/PVC… •Ricoh's unique coating on the back allows reliable and superior matching qualities with the thermal head.TYPICAL APPLICATION•Automotive labeling•Electronic component labeling•Flexible Package & Product ID•Asset tracking & Series No.•Outdoor & extreme environment•Pharmaceutical and Chemical industryRECOMMENDED LABEL STOCK•Synthetic film•Polyethylene, polypropylene, polyolefin, polyvinylchloride, PolyesterRIBBON SPECIFICATION•Resin super smear resistance ribbon, used for flat head printer•Base Film Thickness: 4.5 ± 0.4µ•Ink Thickness: 1.2 ± 0.2µ•Total Thickness: 8.0 ± 0.5µ•Ink Color: Black•Ink Melting Point: 97ºC•Maximum Print Speed: 8.0 ips•Print Density: >1.7STORAGE CONDITIONS•0°C TO 35°C •Humidity: 30 to 85 % RHPRITING PROPERTY PaperCoated PaperPETPPPEPVCCompatibilityOOPPPPImage Density--1.831.862.031.72 Note:1)Smoothness Bekk for paper family must be over 2000s 2)Maximum printing speed: 8 IPS3)Image Resolution for Paper & Film:Minimum Size:- For the line: 0.1mm- For the characters: 1.0mmDURABILITY OF PRINTED IMAGE•Smear + heat (100°C):  ANSI > BTest Condition:Smear with cardboard (weight 1kg – 50 back and forwards)•Heat(120°C):No ink on the cotton fabricTest condition: Heat gradient 3,6kgF/cm²•Scratch:ANSI > BTest Condition:50 back and forwards with a rub tester•Light:ANSI ATest Condition:Xenon lamp at 650W/m²•Water:ANSI ATest Condition:24 hours in waterSOLVENT RESISTANCE OF B110CRRIBBON DURABILITY

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