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Rig Ring Gasket

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Cixi Jayu Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China rig ring gasket manufacturers, welcome to wholesale cheap rig ring gasket from our professional factory. R octagonal gasket refers to the metal gasket of octagonal-shaped section by processing metal materials. It is of pressure energized seal in radial direction. The average diameter of the gasket is slightly larger than the average diameter of the gasket groove. The angle between ring gasket and bevel face of gasket groove is around 23o. It has good sealing as the contact between gasket and the ring joint faces, especially the outside face, and is pressed tightly to keep good sealing performance. The octagonal metal ring gasket is installed inside the ring joint groove of flange face. When the connecting bolt is fastened, it is compressed in axis direction and is pressed close to the upper and lower ring joint grooves, which result in the plastic deformation to create the seal. After pressure is raised, the ring gasket expands in radial direction under the force of media pressure. The gasket sticks more tightly to the bevel face of ring joint groove to form self-tightening. However, the rise of media pressure will deform the flange and connecting bolt, it will cause the relative separation between the sealing surfaces, and the sealing ratio of gaskets is reduced accordingly. So the metal ring gasket is regarded as semi-pressure energized ring gasket. Cutaway View of 'R' Steel Ring and Flange as follows Features 1.R octagonal ring gasket is the type of mechanical compression, that is to say it is sealed only by the tightening torque of flanged bolt; 2.R octagonal ring gasket is used in 6B flanges, with standard flanged connections and line seal, and it is easy for storage and transport; 3.R octagonal ring gasket can be used interchangeably with R oval ring gasket and RX ring gasket; 4.R octagonal ring gasket can be reused in the field in the case of the appearance with no damage; 5.The hardness of R octagonal ring gasket must be15~20HB lower than the mating flange face hardness; 6.The seal faces of R octagonal ring gasket, including the bevel faces, shouldn't have the scratches, knock marks,cracks and defects. Its surface roughness shouldn't be larger than Ra1.6. Performance Parameters gasket factor m=5.50-6.50 gasket  using pressure

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