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Ring Laser Gyro Ins

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ER-INS800 Laser Inertial NavigationER-INS800 inertial navigation system is a high performance inertial measurement equipment, which can be used for navigation, control and dynamic measurement. It uses high reliability and stability of the quartz flexible accelerometer and high precision ring laser gyroscope, and through a number of compensation to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.Seal design and strict process to ensure that products in harsh environments can still accurately measure the angular motion of the carrier and the line motion parameters.Characteristic• Pure inertial position precision 0.8nm/hr; • Full temperature compensation; • Fully sealed reliable design, to ensure the normal operation of the harsh environment; • Anti vibration and anti electromagnetic interference.Field Of Application • Main inertial navigation; • Vehicle navigation; • Shipborne;SpecificationsModelER-INS800ABCActivation Time6 min   PerformancePure Inertial Position0.8 nm/hr, CEP2 nm/hr, CEP3.5 nm/hr, CEPPure Inertial Velocity1 m/s, 1 s2 m/s, 1 s2.8 m/s, 1 sPure Inertial Attitude0.03 deg, 1 s0.04 deg, 1 s0.05 deg, 1 sPure Inertial Heading0.06 deg, 1 s0.1 deg, 1 s0.15 deg, 1   sAngular Rate Accuracy0.01 deg/h0.03 deg/h0.05 deg/hAcceleration Accuracy2×10-5 g5×10-5 g   RangeAngular Rate±400 deg/sAcceleration±35 g(Customizable)   ElectricalVoltage28 VDCPower Consumption≤25 WPower StandardMIL-STD-704AElectrical InterfaceRS422/RS485EnvironmentalOperating Temperature-45°C ~ +71°CNoise140dBVibration6 g @ 20~2000 Hz,sineShock30 g @40msPhysicalSize (L*W*H)190 × 190 × 183 mmWeight≤9 kg

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