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Ring Main Unit Accessories

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Joyelectric International is a professional China ring main unit accessories distributor and agent among those well-known such manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to order ring main unit accessories products from our factory and company.Scheme 1Product name: embedded pole                                            Product name: embedded pole               Product name: cable coneType: GJZ01-12                                                                        Type: GDZ01-12                                         Type: GLZ01-A/B/C-12Rated current: 630A                                                                Rated current: 630A                                   Rated current: 630A Product name: busbar cone                                         Product name: fuse unit adaptor               Product name: fuse cylinderType: GMZ01-12                                                              Type: GRZ01-12                                           Type: GRT01-12Rated current: 630A                                                         Rated current: 630A                                    Rated current: 630A Scheme 2Embedded pole cementing                Cable connector           Busbar cementing of three phase           Fuse cylinder mucilage bindingType: GJZ02-12                                     Type: GDL02-12            Type: GMX02-A/B/C-12                              Type: GRT02-12Rated current: 630A~1250A                630A~1250A                   630A~1250A                                               200A Scheme 3Insulated cover cementing                                                        Base cementing                               Embedded pole mucilage bindingType: GJZZ03-12                                                                         Type: GDZ03-1-12                            Type: GJZ03-12Rated current: 630A                                                                    Rated current: 630A                          Rated current: 630AConnector cementing of phase ABC                                       Base mucilage binding                       Fuse cylinder cementingType: GJZZ03-A/B/C-12                                                              Type: GDZ03-2-12                                Type: GJZ03-12Rated current: 630A                                                                    Rated current: 630A                             Rated current: 200A Scheme 4Insulation cover of phase A               Insulation cover of phase B            Insulation cover of phase C                 Fuse canisterType: GJZ05-A-12                                Type: GJZZ05-B-12                          Type: GJZZ05-C-12                               Type: GRT04-12Rated current: 630A~1250A               630A~1250A                                     630A~1250A                                             200A If you would like a quotation or further information on the products, please fill in the form below and we will reply to you within 1 working day. Thank you for your interest to our products.

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