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Rogers 4003 Material

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Product Description
High Frequency Rogers RO4003CLaminates Typical Applications High reliability aerospace and defense A wide range of typical and non-traditional microwave/RF applicationsStandard Dielectric Constant: 3.38+-0.05 Standard Thickness RO4003C: 0.008" (0.203mm), 0.012 (0.305mm), 0.016" (0.406mm), 0.020" (0.508mm) 0.032" (0.813mm), 0.060" (1.524mm) Standard Panel Size 12" X 18" (305 X457 mm) 24" X 18" (610 X 457 mm) 24" X 36" (610 X 915 mm) 48" X 36" (1.224 m X 915 mm) Standard Copper Cladding ½ oz. (17μm) electrodeposited copper foil (.5ED/.5ED) 1 oz. (35μm) electrodeposited copper foil (1ED/1ED) 2 oz. (70μm) electrodeposited copper foil (2ED/2ED)Rogers 4003C datasheet: Part NumberCompositon Dk Df Volume Resistivity Mohn/cm Surface Resistivity Mohm Density gm/cm3 Thermal Coefficient of -50°C to 150°C ppm/°C RO3003PTFE Ceramic 3.000.00131071072.113RO3006PTFE Ceramic6.150.00201031032.6-160RO3010PTFE Ceramic10.20.00231031033.0-280R03035PTFE Ceramic3.50.00171071072.1-34 to -11RO3203PTFE Ceramic   Reinforced Woven Glass3.020.00161071072.113RO3206PTFE Ceramic   Reinforced Woven Glass6.150.00271071072.7-212RO3210PTFE Ceramic   Reinforced Woven Glass10.20.00271041043.0-459RO4003CHydrocarbon Ceramic3.380.00271.7 x 10104.2 x 1091.8+40RO4350BHydrocarbon Ceramic3.480.00371.2 x 1095.7 x 1091.9+50RO4450BHydrocarbon Ceramic Prepreg3.30 - 3.540.00402.5 x 10101.9 x 1081.8621 to -18RO4450FHydrocarbon Ceramic Prepreg3.520.0040TBDTBD1.83TBD

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