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Rotary Device Combined

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Overview  This custom made cnc router suits column engraving and flat material carving and cutting. Besides the side position of rotary device, you could also mount smaller size rotary device on the working table for column engraving. This function could be used in the industry of stair parts, such as turned and box newel posts, corbel, handrail, chair jamb etc.  1. For the cnc router on the photo, its  rotary device is with double chuck at 200mm diameter, 2500mm length. Whole rotary device is with steel welded, motor we adopt big power motor. When you process heavy material, such as stone, there are two pieces of material support device, which will be placed under the material for supporting. This rotary device configuration could meet your demand of processing heavy duty column material totally.  2. CNC router is with 300mm Z axis travelling size, could procss large size mold, such as wood, foam, plastic material mold.  3. Coolant tray and mist sprayer on cnc router. This device is suitable for metal, stone processing. Coolant tray support the waste cooling water or oil collecting and removing, mist sprayer could cooldown the temprature of cutter and last the cutter life.  4. 3.0kw water cooling spindle, which is good at of engraving, cutting and drilling on hard material.  5. Servo or stepper system ballscrew on x axis, both ensure the high precision of cnc router.  6. Control system is with windows flatform, support USB Disk.  ParameterX,Y-Axis Travel: 1300mm*2500mm,2000*3000mm, 2000*4000mm or others.Z-Axis Travel: 300mm.Spindle Power: 3.0KW air-cooling spindle, 24000rpmRemotion: +/- 0.01mmWorking Speed: 30m/minMax. Rapid Travel Speed: 50m/minDrive System X, Y and Z axis: Ballscrew on X and Z, Rack& Pinion on Y, Linear guide on three axis.Motor: StepperStandard Work Surface: T slot tableWorking Voltage : 220V, 50Hz/3800V,60Hz, 3phaseCommand Language G Code, M CodeCollet ER20Rotary Device: 400mm *3000mmOperating System : SyntecInterface: USBAccessoriesMechanical part of the machine ___________________________________ 1 pieceSpindle Motor 3.0 KW or other power  (is mounted on the machine) _______ 1-10 piecesCNC electronic control box _______________________________________ 1 pieceControl System _______________________________________________  1 pieceT slot or vacuum pump  (for the vacuum table)_______________________________ 1 pieceSOFTWARE  TYPE3 or ARTCAM  SPTA  (Spare Parts, Tools and Accessories)  for the machine  1. Tool kit  _________________________________________________ 1 kit  2. Collets  ER20 or ER25 or ER32 _____________________________ 4 pcs  3. Clamps  for fastening workpiece  ____________________________  8 pcs  4. Kit of bits  ______________________________________________ 20 pcs  5. Brush __________________________________________________1piece  6. Allen Key _______________________________________________ 4 pcs  7. Open Spanner ___________________________________________ 2pcs  8. Sealing Strip _____________________________________________ 1 piece  9. Achor Bolt _______________________________________________ 4-6 pcs  YS CNC router optional accessories:Working tableSpindle (0-9.0KW)SystemZ axis sizeDriver and motorRotary axis diameterT slotvacuumHQDHSDNc-studio      March 3      DSP0-23.6inch      0-600mmStepper or servo0-19.6inch      0-500mmYS cnc router modelProcess areaWorking area(inch/mm)Max working speedTravel speed X (inch/mm)Y      (inch/mm)Z      (inch/mm)YS 404015.715.75.915.7*15.7787inch/s      20m/min984inch/s      25m/min400400150400*400YS 606023.623.65.923.6*23.6600600150600*600YS 609023.635.45.923.6*35.4600900150600*900mmYS 121247.247.27.847.2*47.2120012002001200*1200YS 122447.294.47.847.2*94.4120024002001200*2400YS 132551987.851*98130025002001300*2500YS 1530591187.859*118150030002001500*3000YS 203078.71187.878.7*118200030002002000*300YS 204078.7157.47.878.7*157.4200040002002000*4000mmAddition of rotary axis Rotary axis diameter from 100mm to 500mm, you can choose 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm diameter as you like. The rotary axis can put on the working table or put beside the working table as you like.Customer made model YS-1325 with side rotayr axis YS-1830 6 spindle 2 rotary axis CNC routerWorking sample:

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