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Round Magnets

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Product Description
Neodymium round magnet / Disc Magnet Disc magnets are thin flat round magnets where the thickness does not exceed the diameter. They are the most commonly used neodymium magnet shape and the most versatile shape. Neodymium round magnets are widely used in holding applications where a hole is drilled and the magnet is recessed into the hole. Round magnets are most cost-effective than rectangles and other shapes. Specification: Size: φ1 up to 300mmUp to N52, 38EH max.Max. Working Temperature: 250 deg. CCoating: Zn, Ni, NiCuNi, Gold, or Epoxy   Application: Speakers, esp. Mobile Phone, Earphone, Multimedia, Home and Professional Audio, sensor etc. The Points you may interest: Magnetic Performance, Magnetizing, Coating, Tolerance, Packing, R&D Research, Certificate, advantages

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