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Round Pipe Making Machine

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Round pipe making machine Round pipe making machine is the professional machine used to produce Industrial pipe,Website:, Equipment pipe, and Auto car pipe, etc. Through optimization design, best materials choice, and accurately fabrication and rolls, the whole line reaches high precision, high speed, high quality and stable producing. Within suitable range of pipe diameter and wall thickness, pipe production speed can be adjusted.Technique flow chart Uncoiling-> Material accumulating-> Leveling-> Forming-> High-frequency welding-> Deburring-> Cooling-> Sizing-> Straightening-> Flying saw cutting -> Discharging  Scope of supply and service    NODescriptionQuantityRemarks1Uncoiler1 setManual/Pneumatic/Hydraulic expanding2Shearing and butt welding1 setManual/Pneumatic/Hydraulic cutting3Accumulator1 setVertical/Horizontal4Forming & Sizing unit1 setDC motor/AC motor5Flying cutting saw1 setHot friction cutting/Cold cutting6Run-out table1 set 7Solid High frequency welder1 set Technique parameter TypeRound pipeSquare pipeRectangle pipeThicknessSpeedDriving motorHF welderTY16φ7.5-φ16//0.3-1.00-1102260TY20φ10-φ25//0.3-1.50-1104560TY32-Heavyφ13-φ3810*10-30*307*14-20*400.6-2.50-90110100TY50φ20-φ6315*15-50*5010*20-30*600.8-3.00-9090+90200TY60φ25-φ7620*20-60*6015*30-40*801.0-3.20-8090+90200TY76-Hφ32-φ8925*25-70*7020*40-45*901.2-4.00-80132+132300TY89φ35-φ10230*30-80*8020*40-50*1001.2-4.00-70132+132300TY114φ40-φ11430*30-90*9020*40-60*1201.2-4.00-60132+132300TY127φ50-φ13040*40-100*10030*60-65*1302.0-6.00-50132+132400

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