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Round Pipe Sign Post

Product Description

Round pipe post is another low-cost sign post and extensively used in supporting street or traffic signs at any desired height and angle. 2 3/8" outside diameter suits for most mounting hardware. Sign panels are either bolted directly through the post or clamped to the outside of the post. Hot-dip galvanized finish resists rust and weathers corrosion. However, round sign post should be field-drilled or used special clamps to attach signs.

Galvanized round sign post.
RPP-01: Round pipe sign post.Traffic pipe sign most along a highway.
RPP-02: Breakaway traffic pipe post.
Product description:

Item: Round pipe sign post.
Material: meets ASTM A1011 Grade 50, ASTM A-653.
Steel gauge: 14 & 16.
Pipe diameter: 2-3/8".
Height: 5 to 12 ft.
Finish: hot-dip galvanized.
Hardware: mounting brackets, rain cap, surface plate, post to plate hardware.
Features & benefits:

Galvanized finish protecting rust and weathers corrosion.
2-3/8" round pipe post available for most signs mounting.
A whole set of mounting hardware supplied.
Sign panels installed at any height with any angle.
Low cost.

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