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Round Pre-galvanized Steel Pipe For Greenhouse

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as we have a process of welding when manufacturing, the surfaces of steel pipe may be not flat which can not meet the construction industry standards. In order to produce practical products, flattening weld joint applied to round steel pipes and square steel pipes is crucial to the overall manufacturing process. Our small steel pipes can be inserted in large scale pipes, besides, our steel pipes are equipped with other accessories as it seeks to prevent wires from scratching when threading. In addition to flattening inside or outside weld joints, we can also ensure the surface is glossy with solid structure.

the surface of steel pipe may form weld line in the process of production. The weld line can be controlled with our precision instrument in the fitting place. For rectangular steel pipe, the weld line will exist in small sides in order to stand heavy weight. Customers who request factories produce rectangular steel pipes with weld line in small sides may have a project for steel doors or windows. Because the surface of big sides may be not even if it has weld line, that is not beautiful to look at. Of course, there are no special requirements for round steel pipes weld line. Our professional degree can be illustrated by weld line control.

our factory is equipped with the tool of diamond roller for galvanized steel pipe. Diamond roller can control the shape of galvanized steel pipe in the process of production to make well-formed products used in construction industry. Customers who are very particular about product details such as the shape can have faith in our professional team and we will live up to your high standard. For large square steel pipes, we have combination roller equipment for manufacturing. Steel pipes can form square shape directly without other intricate steps and the shape is also very well because of our precise rollers and dedication attitude.

we can offer a variety of packing forms for you to choose such as oiled with bundling, oiled and wrapped with PVC, painted with wrapped, as well as painted with PVC wrapped. Of course, our packing method is not fixed and it can be in strict accordance with the request of our customers. For example, some customers may pay more attention to the details of steel pipe like pipe end. They require that the pipe end should be wrapped with steel strip and blocked by wood strip. Besides, steel conduit need to be wrapped in a small bundle with PVC plastic. In addition, some customers are not particular about the packing form, steel pipes can be covered just in plastic bags.

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