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Rubber Belt Conveyor

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An overview of TD75 series general belt conveyor products:By reasons of large delivery value, simple structure, easy maintenance, low cost, high universality, etc, DT Ⅱ, TD75 belt conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, port, transportation, water and electricity, chemical industry and other transportation department  for loading, shipping, reproduced or piling up all kinds of loose materials for items with room temperature and loose density of 500 ~ 2500 kg/m3. Single or multiple machine combine transportation system to deliver material. According to the technological requirements, it can be decorated in horizontal or inclined form. Besides meeting the requirements of horizontal or inclined conveying, DT Ⅱ type belt conveyor also can be used with convex segmental arc, concave segmental arc and straight line combination form to transport. Conveyor allows to transport blocks of materials depending on the bandwidth, belt speed, trough angle and inclination angle, and also depends on the frequency of big materials. The conveyor is generally applied to working environment temperature 25 ~ + 40 ℃. Our company also produce light belt conveyor, screw conveyor, large dip angle belt conveyor and mobile elevating conveyor.TD75 series belt conveyor working characteristics:1、Smooth delivery, materials and conveyor belt has no relative motion, and thus avoiding the damage of conveyed materials2、Smaller noise , suitable for working environment requiring more quietness 3、Simple structure, easy to maintain. Less energy consumption, low use cost.TD75 series belt conveyor technical parameter list:carrying idler typebelt speed(m/s)belt width B(mm)500650800100012001400Q(t/s)delivery valuetrough idler0.878131----1.0971642784356558911.2512220634854481911151.6156264445696104814272.0191323546853128417482.52323916611033155621183.15--8241233185825284.0----22022996Parallel roller0.84167118---1.052881472303454601.25661101842884325881.6841422363685537532.01031742894516779222.5125211350546821111Note: 1.Transport capacity in the table is calculated under the condition of material accumulation density Q (t/s), horizontal transportation, roller slot angle of 30 °2.DT75 type series machine is suitable for conveying various bulk materials like block and granular materials with stacking density less than 1.2 t/m3, , and also can transport complete set items; D Ⅱ type series machine is suitable for conveying various bulk materials like block and granular materials with stacking density 0.8-2.5t/m3, and also can transport complete set items.

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