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Rubber Bushing

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Product Description
Silicone rubber double sleeve is a kind of double wall silicone rubber insulation casing, which is coated with silicone rubber insulation layer of glass fiber casing, coated with silicone rubber at high temperature treatment of the inner fiber outer rubber sleeve. With better dielectric properties, self extinguishing properties and flexibility than the silica glass fiber casing.1, soft touch, with good dielectric properties, self extinguishing, solvent resistance;2, continuous use temperature: -60 degrees Celsius to 200;3, soft, arc resistance, resistance to corona;4, the standard color: white, according to the requirements of the production of other colors;5, high insulation performance;6, excellent wear resistant performance;7, good flexibility and easy to install;8, the layer between the absolute solid adhesion;9, rated voltage: 1.2KV/1.5V/2.5KV/4KV/7KV/10KV;

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