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Rubber Connector/bonded Parts

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1 according to the use of performance is divided into general, special, heat three categories.General: suitable for conveying the temperature of ~80 DEG C 15 water, less than 10% of the concentration of acid or alkaline solutions.Special type: suitable for special performance requirements, such as oil, Naisai, ozone resistance, chemical corrosion or abrasion.Heat resistant: suitable for conveying water above 802 according to the structure of the form is divided into single ball, double ball, three ball, elbow ball, and the wind pressure plate tube etc.. Each form can be divided into three categories, such as concentric, concentric, eccentric, eccentric, and so on.3 according to the outline:Concentric diameter, concentric different diameter, eccentric different diameter.3 according to the product and pipeline connection form can be divided into flange connection, threaded connection and clamp connection, threaded pipe flange connection and so on.

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