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Rubber Vacuum Casting

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Youde Prototype Co.,Ltd is a professional rubber vacuum casting company and we are also one of the China rubber vacuum casting manufacturers and suppliers with our brands,our factory is able to produce rubber silicone mold with high quality. Welcome to our company for products.      Rubber prototype can't make it by CNC machining,3D printing,it always make it by silicone mold vacuum casting to copy it, even just only one part,the silicone mold vacuum casting can make your rubber idea to prototype in few days, and it is more cheaper and faster than injecting part with rubber steel mold,the rubber silicone mold vacuum casting can save lots of cost and time during your developing phase.Our Silicone mold vacuum casting work processesReceived the order and drawing à Make a master mold with ABS(or other)  via CNC machining or 3D printing or others à process inspection à Make the silicone mould à vacuum casting rubber part with silicone mould à process inspectionàhand  àfinal inspectionàpackaging à deliveryOur silicone mold vacuum casting capacityVacuum casting equipment: 3 setsSilicone mold vacuum casting Maximum size is 1000mm×800mm×800mm The tolerance can be controlled to 100mm/±0.20mm Preferred model Formats: x-t, .stp, .igs, .stl, Auto CAD, Pro/E, UnigraphicsLead time: 5~15 days, according to the actual prototyping requirementSilicone mold life: 10 time , but 3~8 times is more better . Thickness of duplication part :≦2.5mm .Vacuum casting cycle time: 50min ~90 minMaterials available: ABS, PP, PC, PP, Rubber, Transparent part.Package and shippingPackage : White paper, soft foam or bubble plastic inside, then use a wooden box or paper carton for the out packing, safe package shipping with 3~5 days door to door.     If you are interest our services and be suited for your project, please email, Our team is professional in each rubber silicone mold vacuum casting process, and will help you make the best choice based on your unique project needs and timeline requirements, and will save the development cost and time.Try Now , please send a drawing, the quotation will be submitted within 24H.Case study:

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