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Rubber Vacuum Molding Press

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Product Description
ApplicationIt is suitable for manufacturers who producerubber damper, rubber rollers, medical drug plugs, automobile spare parts, rubber gaskets, conductive buttons and other rubber products. Feature1.This  kind of machine  is a machine with multiple functions ,it is suitable for two-layer or three-layer  molds.2.Double power,double oil pumps ,double motors and double oil  coolers are applied for the two axles to work independtly.3.The oil system is unique in design with good stability ,faster lift-upand lift-down speed compared with other brangs when unloading/loading mold.4.With the function of slow speed alignment adjusting,the adjustment is more precise and safe .5.The accurate placement of the loading/unloading mold has the 100℅ placement safety design ,protecting the mold from being damaged.6.The speed of mold raising and closing can be adjusted accurately and safely.7.It is suitable for manufacturers who produce electric components ,medical articles ,daily necessities ,vehicle components and industrial components and other rubber products. Technical ParameterType100Ton200Ton250Ton300Ton350Ton400Ton500TonTotal Pressure(Ton)100200250300350400500Piston Stroke (mm)270300300300300300300Heating Plate Size(mm)400*400560*560600*650650*650750*750850*8501200*1000Cylinder Diameter(mm)250355400450475500560Horse Power(hp)5*210*210*215*215*215*215*2Method Of Mold Close/OpenUp/Down /In/Out2RT/3RT/4RT For OptionalDouble Shaft Heating(kw)15.6273438404086Total Power(kw)234249606262108Weight(kg)45007000900011000130001400025000Overall DimensionL*W*H(mm)2.5*1.8*1.73*2.4*23.4*2.5*2.053.45*2.5*2.13.45*2.6*2.13.5*2.7*2.24.79*3.86*2.28 MOLD OPEN/CLOSE METHOD

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