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Rucaparib Cas:283173-50-2

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If you are going to consult the information about 283173-50-2 from one of the leading 283173-50-2 manufacturers and suppliers in China, Biopharmaleader Co.,Ltd is always at your service.Product InformationCAS NO.283173-50-2 Product NameRucaparibSynonyms8-Fluoro-2-[4-[(methylamino)methyl]phenyl]-1,3,4,5-tetrahydro-6H-azepino[5,4,3-cd]indol-6-oneFormulaC19H18FN3OMolecular Weight323.36Spec / Purity98%minSupply CapacityDetailsRucaparib is a PARP inhibitor being investigated as a potential anti-cancer agent.Rucaparib inhibits "the contraction of isolated vascular smooth muscle, including that from the tumours of cancer patients. It also reduces the migration of some cancer and normal cells in culture." It can be taken orally in tablet form.

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Rucaparib cas:283173-50-2
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