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Safety Box For The Disposal Of Used Sharps

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Product Description
Product use:It could contain used contaminated sharps (including syringe, needles, phlebotomy devices, suture needles, IV insert needles, butterflies, lancets, scalpels) safely and efficiently, until safe disposal or recycling: -At the point of use-During temporary storage-During handling and transport to the point of treatment and final disposalFeatures: 1, Exactly meet the requirements of WHO/PQS/E10/SB01.1.2, Resistance to average force of penetration more than 15N from each position. 3, Resistance to damage during 100 drops from height 0.8m.4, Resistance to temperatures of up to 170℃ periods up to 30minutes.5, Resistance to 48 hours at 43℃ and 90% relative humidity in 5mm of water。6, Could be supplied flat-packed to minimize shipping and storage volume.7, Clearly marked with international bio-hazard warning. 8, Could be carried in one had without spillage of contents and without risk of needle stick injury.9, The Bio-degradable cardboard recycled material is used. 10, Non-toxic inks, glues and dyes. 11, Clear pictorial instructions without writing.12, Chines Invention patented. Complete specification: Code No.  Size Sharp aperture dimensions  SBS1.25 1.25L Dia. 38mm SBS2.5 2.5L Dia. 38mmSBS5 5L Dia. 38mmSBS10 10L Dia. 38mmSBS15 15L Dia. 38mmSBS20 20L Dia. 38mmColors: Unbleached sulphate board, or non-chlorine bleached white, or yellow

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