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Safety Needle

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Product Description
Product use: It is compatible with all syringes in clinical injection of liquid medicine, easy to use, help eliminate accidental needlestick injury.Features: 1. It is compatible with all kinds of syringes with standard luer lock or luer slip tip.2. After injection, only single hand activation, the needle was completely covered which can immediately achieve the purpose of protection. 3. Multiple protections, the safety protector will be remained covered securely. 4. Effective function and simple design can reduce the cost of safety injection.5, Easy and quick identification of the needle gauge by ISO colorful coded.6, A wide range of sizes are available. Structure:   Steps:  1. Assemble the safety needle on the luer tip of sterilized syringe,2. Open the safety protector, which will open automatically under the elastic force,3. Take off the protector, aspirate the medication,4. After injection, apply a force on the safety protector until the safety protector covers the needle completely, Complete spec.Code No. Size and length       Gauze       Color  SN29  0.33*13mm           29G*1/2”      RedSN27  0.40*10-16mm    27G*3/8”-5/8”      GreySN26  0.45*10-16mm    26G*3/8”-5/8”      BrownSN25  0.50*16-25mm      25G*5/8”-1”      OrangeSN24  0.55*25mm           24G*1”        PurpleSN23  0.60*25-38mm      23G*1”-1-1/2”    BlueSN22  0.70*25-38mm      22G*1”-1-1/2”    BlackSN21  0.80*25-38mm      21G*1”-1-1/2”     GreenSN20  0.90*38mm        20G*1-1/2”       YellowSN19  1.10*38mm       19G*1-1/2”         CreamSN18  1.20*38mm       18G*1-1/2”        PinkSN16  1.60*38mm       16G*1-1/2”        White

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