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Saful Ts-wp908 2v1 2.4ghz Digital 9 Inch Wireless Video Door Phone

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Name :2.4GHz Digital 9 inch Wireless Video Door PhoneBrand :SafulModel No. :TS-WP908 2V1Discription:‍‍9 inch Digital TFT color panel; Monitor, wireless unlock, hands-free call and talk; tempering glass panel‍‍Gross Weight :1.9kgPacking Size :350*290*701.IntroductionThe product is widely used in apartment, hotel, villas, office, building and so on.The system is composed of outdoor camera, indoor monitor such two parts. The outdoor camera is easy to install, you can use the indoor monitor where the wireless signal can reach. Indoor monitor can hang on the wall, cabinet; can also be placed on the desk, tea table, dining table.2.Features(1)2.4GHz digital frequency hopping and encryption technology, transmission distance up to 300 meters at open area, robust anti-interference;(2)Clear night vision can capture image in low-illumination environment;(3)Rain shield for the outdoor camera is available;(4)9 inch Digital TFT color panel;(5)High-strength tempering glass, abrasion resistant and scratch, longer working life;(6)High Sensitivity touch keys;(7)Monitor, wireless unlock, hands-free call and talk;(8)16 chord melodies and melody volume is adjustable;(9)Date and time are showed on the screen;(10)Indoor monitor store up to 100pcs pictures, pictures mark the date and time;(11)Brightness and talk volume are adjustable(12)BL-5J battery of camera and monitor is replaceable and rechargeable;(13)Outdoor camera has two work modes:   1)Indoor monitor can monitor anytime if plugging the power adaptor;  2)Outdoor camera can work 15days with battery if not connecting to the power adaptor;       (14)With Wireless unlock control function;(15)One outdoor camera supports max 3pcs of indoor monitors and vice versa;(16)The outdoor unit with the function of tamper alarm3. Packing list(1) Outdoor camera, size: 132×90×42mm(2) 9” indoor monitor, size: 270×166×18mm(3) Power adapter for outdoor camera ; Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz   Output: 5V/1A(4) USB power adapter for indoor monitor; Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz  Output: 5V/1A(5) BL-5J battery of camera (optional) and monitor(6)Screws and stoppers(7)User manual(8)Color box4. Outdoor camera5.Indoor Monitor6. Installation instructions of outdoor cameraThe outdoor camera should be installed at the shielded position to avoid strong direct light shinning and rain, the height for installation is recommended to be 1.5m~1.7m for outdoor camera to focus on the best monitoring range. Com-signal will be weakened if there are obstacles between the installation position of outdoor camera and indoor monitor, check the best signal of monitor when install the outdoor camera to get the best position.If wiring needs to go through wall, the plug should be first wrapped with tape so as to avoid the sand or dirt going into the plug and thus resulting in malfunction. Use double-sided tape fix outdoor camera on the wall or door. Or Take off the screw on the bottom, remove the back box fit to the wall, embed the outdoor camera to back box and use screw to fix7.E-lock installationThis system isn’t equipped with the e-lock or power of e-lock, user can purchase them based on requirement.  Wireless unlock control which is set up on the e-lock, shares with e-lock when it works. Notes: You should guarantee that the distance between wireless unlock control and outdoor camera should be within 10m so that wireless unlock control can receive unlock command.8.Failure diagnosisMalfunctionCheckingDebugFail to start the productIf turn on the indoor monitorTurn on the indoor monitorIf the power of Li-on battery is not enough?Charge the Li-on batteryFail to chargeIf the plug of power adaptorcorrectly plug into mini USB?Re-connect indoor monitor with power adaptorIf the power adaptorcorrectly get through the100-240V AC electricity?Re-insert the plug to make power adaptor get AC electricity.Talk mode no voiceIf the talk volume is adjusted to be the least?To adjust the talk volume to be suitable.The image isflashing or noiseIf the indoor monitor is closeto induction cooker and microwave oven which has magnetic wave?Keep indoor monitor far away from these things which has magnetic wave.Indoormonitor nosignalIf the outdoor camera doesn't connect the power?To connect power adaptor to  the outdoor camera If the outdoor camera is far away from the indoor monitor?Keep the distance in 60 meters within (stopped by multi-wall)If there is other strong magnetic space bother?Keep indoor monitor far away from the strong magnetic space9. Working Environment (1)  Working temperature:  -15℃—+55℃  (2)  Working humidity: ≤85. Notices(1)  Please don’t cover anything on the Microphone or speaker when there is conversation.(2)  Please always use the specified electric source power supplier adaptor, or that with the same type (same standard voltage and electric current). Using the adaptor unspecified may lead to the damage of the circuit and component of the product.(3)  Do not attempt to service this product yourself as opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltage or other hazards. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.(4)  Please strictly follow the user manual before installing and testing this product. If there is any question, please contact our tech support and customer service;

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