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Sb2o3 Flame Retardant Masterbatch (hx-sb)

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Suzhou Haixiang Plastic Chemical Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China sb2o3 flame retardant masterbatch (hx-sb) manufacturers. With professional factory, we are able to produce universal, high performance, high cost performance, popular, steady, high capacity, and nice reputation sb2o3 flame retardant masterbatch (hx-sb). If you are checking China distributor, China export and import, please feel free to contact us. And welcome to buy and purchase cheap and high-quality or wholesale sb2o3 flame retardant masterbatch (hx-sb) from us.IntroductionThe particle size of antimony trioxide is so small to cause lots of dust pollution and waste in production. In order to meet customer`s requirement better, we developed Sb2O3 masterbatch(HX-Sb) through advanced production line, fully enclosed production process and the best formulation and technology. The content is more than 90%, HX-Sb can replace powdery Sb2O3 equivalently with same flame retardant effect and have better compatibility with various of resin, meanwhile using this type Sb2O3 masterbatch can avoid the hurt to skin due to small size powder.HX-Sb passed the evaluation of SGS, CTI, etc. certification authority and comply with EU ROHS requirement. can be used to injection and extrusion processing directly, simple and easy to use.IndexModel NoColorContent

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