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Sbx Ring Type Gasket

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Cixi Jayu Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China sbx ring type gasket manufacturers, welcome to wholesale cheap sbx ring type gasket, sbx ring type joint gaskets from our professional factory. SBX series are American Petrolium standardized underwater rings. the BX and SBX will fit into their appropriate flange designated numbers. The " S " prefix identifies a gasket as having intersecting vent holes, allowing a pressure less metal-to-metal initial contact between the gasket and flange groove, while made up underwater. Manufacturers, rental tool companies, and operators demonstrate that pressure control equipment will not likely fail in service by conducting a hydrostatic pressure test before transporting equipment to the field. Rarely does equipment that meets industry requirements fail in a catastrophic manner. Often, due to a casual approach to tightening bolts, connection leakage occurs, necessitating the retightening of connection bolts. Retightening, sufficient to stop the leak, requires more torque than that required for connections that do not leak on the first test attempt. Interestingly, an attempt to further tighten a connection that has previously leaked, exactly replicates the phenomenon of subsea connection make-up. The leaking connection has allowed test fluid ( usually water ) to enter the space in the'ring groove'behind the ring gasket. Further attempts to tighten the connection face the 'problem' of the non-compressibility of water. Testing with 'SBX' gaskets would eliminate this retightening problem, but the higher cost of these gaskets seems prohibitive. Cutaway View of 'SBX' Seal Ring and Flange as follows�� Features 1.SBX Ring Joint Gaskets is the same design as the BX Ring Joint, however the suffix "S" indicates that additional pressure equalisation holes have been drilled to prevent pressure lock in accordance with API 17D for use on sub sea wellhead and christmas tree equipment. 2.SBX Ring Gaskets solve a problem principally occurring when joining 6BX and/or 17D RTJ flanges under water. 3.SBX gaskets have a bleed hole on their I.D. joining to their equalizing hole, to assure that any liquid trapped behind the ring gasket on either side will vent (flow) to the I.D. bore of the assembly as the connection comes together. This allows the connection to close as designed and the ring gasket to coin and form a permanent seal. 4.Gaskets that have been torqued initiating a metal-to-metal seal should be discarded and not reused.. MaterialsSoft Iron, Low C/S, ss410, ss304, ss316, ss347, F5, F11, Copper, Aluminum, Inconel 600, Inconel 625, Incoloy 800, Incoloy 825, Monel 400, Titanium, Nikel 200, Hastelloy C276, Zirconium702Application API 17D for use on subsea wellhead and christmas tree equipment

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