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Sc Fiber Optic Fast Connector

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SC Fiber optic fast connectorIntroductionFiber Optic Fast Connector designed for FTTH is a new generation of fiber connector used in assembly. It can provide Open flow and Pre-cast type of products, whose optical and mechanical specification meets the standard optical fiber connector.It is designed for high quality and high efficiency for installation.the structure of crimping position is a unique design, and need not gluing, polishing neither any consumables.adopted fiber pre-installed structure, and convenient for field installation.Feature:1.precise mechanical dimensions2.low insertion loss, high return loss3.comply standard of IEC61754-44.Repeatable times is no less than 50 times;5.Long life span design, more than 30 years.6.ROHS compliant Application:1.Premise environments2.Connections at the desk for LAN environments3.Patch panels4.Direct equipment termination5.Fiber to the Subscriber (FTTH) applications6.Repair/replacement requirements7.Equipment test leadsDatasheet:ITEMTechnical ParametersApplicable for3.1×2.0mm Drop cable,3.0/2.0cableOptical fiber diameter125μmTight buffer diameter250μmFiber modeSingle modeOperation timeAbout 10s(no fiber cut)Insert loss≤0.3dB(1310nm &1550nm)Return loss≤-40dBFastening strength of naked fiber5NFastening strength of naked fiber holder10NTensile strength50NUsing temperature-45~+80°COn-ling tensile strength(20N)IL≤0.2dB RL≤5dBMechanical durability(500 times)IL≤0.2dB RL≤5dBDrop-off test(drop-off height 4m,once per direction,totally 3 times)IL≤0.2dB RL≤5dBCompany information:

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