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Sc Series Of Thin-walled Concrete Filled Steel Pipe Tower

Product Description

1、Technical Specification (Standard):
DL/T5030-1996 Technical specification for concrete structures of centrifugal thin-walled pipe
DL/T646—1998 Transmission line steel pipe manufacturing technology conditions
2、(1)Centrifugal thin-walled steel structure characteristics:
a:Reduce steel consumption, saving the cost of more than 20%
b:Good appearance, improve the local stability of the structure, increasing the section stiffness, reducing distortion.
c:Not easy to transport due to great mass.
(2)Steel pole features: (circular, polygonal):

a:Light weight
b:Good appearance.
c:Easy to install

3The scope of application:
10Kv-220Kv various rod-type, but the thin-walled steel centrifugal concrete structure itself brought a large weight on transportation and installation difficulties. Bearing capacity of the structure is too complicated or too much, should adopt steel structure.
4、Tower form and code:
⑴ Single circuit. Straight line Z, strain is N, corner of J, a branch of F
⑵ Double-circuit, line for SZ, strain for SN, corner of SJ.
5、Flange bolt connection type, common type, the cup insert type. Roof welded base.
6、Tower type number:
eg:110KVA down the line Tower Type Number
7、The technical parameters of the sample provided for reference only, the specific design should be calculated according to the actual conditions of the load, the technical parameters of anchor bolt weight not included.
8、Connecting rod segment forms: ⑴ flange connection, ⑵ socket type, ⑶ spot welding (15M or less the whole rod can transport, without live connection)
9、Antiseptic way: ⑴ galvanized, ⑵ external thermal sprayed zinc plus sealer, wall two anti-corrosion primer, cap plate welding.

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