Scanx Duo Digital Imaging D1100 -

Scanx Duo Digital Imaging D1100

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ScanX Duo Digital Imaging D1100

Air Techniques ScanX Duo phosphor plate scanner with in-line eraser. Connects to computer via USB. Unit can scan and erase intra-oral, phosphor great. Includes ScanX unit, power cord, USB cable, and original CD driver and utility.


  • ScanX Duo: chair-side intraoral imaging
  • Accepts sizes: 0,1,2,3 and 4
  • NEW design features a new white body and a polished silver trim
  • Faster than film: A full mouth series takes less than 2 minutes with ScanX compared to 8 minutes with film
  • Achieve the highest image quality: delivers 22 line pairs/mm and 1,100 dots per inch-- ScanX packs in all the details to aid your diagnosis
  • Utilizes PSP Imaging Plates which are perfectly shaped for patient comfort
  • PSP imaging plates are wireless, flexible, wafer-thin, reusable thousands of times, inexpensive, reach places hard sensors cannot and do not require costly replacement insurance like hard sensors
  • ScanX Duo is capable of reading images simultaneously from 2 PSP Imaging Plates
  • Requires no time-wasting chemical processor maintenance
  • Requires no money-wasting chemicals
  • Requires no space-wasting chemical processor, dark room or film storage cabinets
  • Both practical and cost-effective, ScanX will pay for itself in less than a year
  • Complies with the 2014 federal mandate that all dental records be in electronic format

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