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Scb Dry Type Distribution Transformer

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SCB dry type distribution transformerFunctional characteristics:1. Safety, fire prevention, no pollution, can be directly installed in the load center.2. Maintenance free, easy installation, lower overall operating costs.3. Moisture resistance is good, can be in the normal operation of 100% humidity, after shutdown without pre drying can be put into operation,4. Low loss, low partial discharge, low noise, strong heat dissipation capacity, forced air cooling conditions can be 150% of the rated load.5. Equipped with a sound temperature protection and control system for the safe operation of the transformer, to provide reliable protection.6. High reliability, according to the operation of the product has been put into operation, the reliability index of the product has reached the international advanced level.Foil coil:The whole section of the low voltage winding copper foil, together with the F level turn insulation winding machine winding in special low-voltage foil. Foil type coil better solve the low voltage and high current coil winding short circuit stress, unbalanced ampere turns, cooling effect is poor, there is a winding spiral angle of, manual welding quality is not stable, at the same time our company at the end of the winding potting resin, curing and forming, curing decontamination. Lead copper by argon arc welding automatic welding.Temperature control device: Transformer uses BWDK series of signal thermometer, temperature sensors embedded in  top half of the low voltage coil, automatic detection and tour phase coil their respective working temperature display, and has over temperature alarm and tripping function.Application range: Products under thermal shock resistance is strong, load capacity, difficult to burn, high fireproof performance, humidity, dust is not sensitive, resulting in a its wide adaptability, the most suitable for fireproof requirement is high, the requirements of high loading, load fluctuation and dirt humid harsh environment.

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