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Scraper Slag Machine

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Scraper slag machine overviewBoiler horizontal slag is special equipment for boilers. My company product now has the GBC series scraper slag machine, DSZ - B, the DSZ - Q series cross scraper slag machine, DZZ - B, DZZ - Q series scraper slag machine, the GBC - B series heavy chain scraper slag machine, ZKC - B - Q heavy box chain  series scraper slag machine and these can be used for single or more boilers in combination, and can meet user demands on the different length and angle of boiler slag .Structure: bottom of the fuselage and side of slag machine produced by our company is spread with diabase cast slab, which greatly improves the service life of the slag machine.Features: cross scraper, word scraper, heavy chain scraper, heavy box chain scraper slag machine has features of large amount of slag, strong tensile resistance, good acid resistance and wearability, smooth operation, low failure rate and long service life, convenient maintenance, etc.In general, single boiler slag machine angle is 40 °, joint slag machine oblique angle is below 30 °. Field measurement can also be conducted to confirm inclination degree according to user needs.Joint slag machine body scale can be divided into sections according to the actual situation, with the flange connection into an organic whole, slag machines with different length can be formed by increasing machine bodies.Slag machine horizontal tank has water level, high stability slag directly falling into the sink is cooled quickly and conveyed which effectively prevent the environment pollution caused by fly ash slag and provides the necessary guarantee for modern management of boiler room.Chain slag machine has low cost, so low investment is needed if choosing to use .Double chain scraper slag machine technical parameters:specification   parameter name  parameter valueGBC-410BGBC-510BGBC-610BGBC-810Bdelivery value QT/h3456Material granulemm≯250speed of chain Vm/s0.045Lmax transmission lengthm50Hmax lifting heightm6dip angle030 motor powerkw1.5-4.02.2-5.52.2-7.5Bmm410510610810B1mm522622722926B2mm766766766918machine weightKg/m155166180215

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