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Screw Chiller

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Product Description
●Consisted of high speed embedded microcontroller and high resolution LCD touchscreen with user-friendly interface.●Adopted RS485 communication protocol with reserved PC monitoring and message control function.●Monitors actual temperatures of each node and shows hourly and daily temperature graph; User can check switch input and relay output and adjust setting temperature. ●LCD displays parameters, outlet water temperature and inlet water temperature. ●Store and show present and previous warnings, which can be sorted and analyzed by warning number, time and frequency.●Equipped with imported compressor and high efficient condenser and evaporator and reasonable pipeline layout.●Multi-language interface is available.●Safety functions include reversed/faulty phase protection, pump overload protection, high/low voltage protection, low pressure protection, overheat protection, delayed start, compressor frequently start prevention and water temperature compensation.ModelUnitWSIW-30-SWSIW-40-SWSIW-50-SWSIW-60-SWSIW-80-SWSIW-100-SWSIW-120-SWSIW-160-SRefrigeration CapacitykW88118152172230300350480kcal/h75680101480130720147920197800257880309456412608CompressorInput PowerkW22303641566180120Rated PowerHP304048557582120160EvaporatorTypeShell-and-Tube EvaporatorPipe Diameterinch2-1∕23333445CondenserTypeShell-and-Tube CondenserPipe Diameterinch2-1∕23333444Cooling Water Flow RateL/min3304806007001000120014002000Dimension (L×W×H)cm170×85×135170×85×135220×85×140220×85×140220×85×140250×95×150350×1150×170360×116×180Unit Conversion: 1kW = 860kcal/hr  1RT = 3024kcal/hr  1BTU/hr = 0.252kcal/hr

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