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FG-2000 Single screw Classifier(one meter longer)Operating instructionⅠ,Website:, The usage and use rang of classifierThe machine can class the finely milled materials by particle size, fine particles suspended in the water become into the overflow outflow, coarse particles sink to bottom, by the screw pushing into the upper and return to grinding machine, the machine is also used to separate fine clay in the minerals and used for ores dehydration.Ⅱ, the technical specifications of machineScrew shaft speed (r / min)3.6Capacity of return sand (t/24h)3890-5940Capacity of overflow (t/24h)400Size of the cellLength(mm)9400Width(mm)2396Slope of the cell (°)14.5-18.5°Driving motorTypeY160L-4Power (kw)15Lifting motorTypeXWD2.2-4-29Power (kw)2.2Ⅲ,, the instructions of machine structure1. Gearing   2. Spiral   3. cell   4. Lifting Device①gearing: The transmission of spiral is achieved by motor through V-belt, ZL60 reducer and the cylindrical gear.② spiral: It is the main components of this machine, it formed by the main shaft, frame, spiral blades, lining iron frame. The frame, spiral blades, linked iron are formed to connected spiral surface, because the shaft is constantly rotating, so the role of helical face is mixing the slurry , make fine particles flow from the overflow weir, coarse mineral particles conveyor from the screw first to discharge port.③ Cell: Welded by steel plate and shaped steel, it is the body of screw classier.④lifting mechanism: The movement of machine screw parts is achieved through the cycloid reducer, gear, screw. When classifier stop working, the materials in the water chute will precipitated, in order to avoid damage by precipitation and the transmission will occurs over load when it move again, so must lift the screw spindle from water chute and make it leave the precipitation level, for this design lifting mechanism.Ⅳ, installation, maintenance and operation of machine1, the installation:Users must check whether the parts of the machine are missing or damaged parts before installation;① first casting a good foundation, the location of the foot screws should be right (secondary grouting can be used) the casting of foot screws should be firmly and secure.②The machine should be install on the foundation according to the angle requested by drawing.③ After installation, the foundation should have a good supporting, and to minimize the shear stress of ground screw, transmission should be smooth, no impact phenomenon, spiral rotation normally, lifting mechanism can be lifting normally.④ Check  all of lubricated parts carefully accordance with the " lubrication instruction of machine ".⑤ The machine that installed must carried out idle test before operation.2, maintenance and operations of machine:① the operation and maintenance personnel of the machine must understand the performance specifications and the structure of the machine.② In operation, we should always pay attention to the indicator of electric current and voltage, are not allowed to overload.③ in operation, and not allow large objects (such as the ball and large materials down from grinding machines) fall into the grading machine, can install a metal net appropriately between the junction part of feed inlet and slot to prevent the ball and others into the grading machine.④ The first step should be stop feeding when stop the work, and make the spiral clear material in the slot, when stop working suddenly must be raised spiral to avoid the blockage.⑤ When upgrade the spiral, the bottom of the blade should leave the surface of water, stop the upgrade of the spiral, when the spiral blade has contact with water, then make screw axis rotation and back in place slowly.⑥ must be noted during working hours: First, butter cup should be full of fat, oil cup screw 2-3 turn when working eight hours. Second, the engine oil in the slowdown surface should be filled to the level should be full of oil instructions line.⑦ the lower support of the spiral should be checked once a day at least, if found abnormal and can not be reused must be repaired in time.⑧ helix blade must be replacement timely if it worn.⑨ in order to ensure the good functioning regular of the grader and extended the life of the machine, regardless of how the work of grader, it should carried out planned maintenance after a certain time, inspection and replacement wearing parts, scheduled maintenance recommendations once in six months at least.Ⅴ, lubrication instructions of the machineNo.Name of lubricating partsLubrication cyclelubrication oil1worm reducerOiling once a month30 # engine oil2gear reducerOiling once a month30 # engine oil3Oil cup of lift components' bearing seatingOiling before up or downLubrication4screw components shaftOiling once a monthLubrication5Oil cup of transmission device on the frameOiling once a monthLubrication

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