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Screw Terminal Capacitor For Wind Energy Inverter

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1  Features and advantages of products Super-small, High ripple current capability, long-life(85℃ 20000h) 2  Main technical parameters:Temperature range: -40(-25)~ +85℃Voltage range: 350~450V Capacitance range:1000~12000uf   @20℃,120HzCapacitance tolerance: ±20% Leakage current:≤0.01CV or 1.5mA,whichever is the smaller,5 minutes test@20℃,120HzThe maximum loss:  0.15  @20℃, 120Hz 3  Usage: Wind Energy Inverter, Train,  Electric Vehicles,  solar inverter,  wind power generate electricity facility,  precision Machinery, Wind Energy Inverter uses capacitor, screw terminal for Wind Energy Inverter,electronic components for grid-connected inverter 4  Contact informationIf you want to know more about Screw Terminal Aluminum Capacitor for  Wind Energy Inverter , please contact our sales manager Jack Fang : Email:  jackfang12345@yahoo.comPhone: 86-13163150827Skype: jackfang2016@hotmail.comWhatsApp: 0086-13163150827

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