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Screw Type External Pipe Clamp

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Screw type external pipeline clampAdvantages of of DP Screw type external pipeline clamp 1. After high-strength heat treatment, the cross bar hardness can reach HRC50, making the clamp have a long service life. 2. All forces parts are made of 40Cr alloy steel, include the cross bar. And after the high-strength, heat treatment, the hardness of external clamp can reach HRC50. Good material with high strength heat treatment cross bar will never cause pressing during clamping work, and make sure long service life. 3. Heat treated screw has high hardness measurements like rasp, strong enough to afford the high strength usage on site. 4. All through the screw portion flaw detection, to ensure that no internal cracks, no internal injurySpecifications of DP Screw type external pipeline clamp Screw type external pipeline clampOuter DimensionWeightTension Force/TMaterialWD168(6″)φ250×14010KGS5Carbon SteelWD219(8″)φ330×17020KGS5Carbon SteelWD355(14″)φ476×17030KGS5Carbon SteelWD406(16″)φ526×19040KGS5Carbon SteelWD457(18″)φ577×19044KGS5Carbon SteelWD508(20″)φ628×19045KGS10Carbon SteelWD559(22″)φ679×19048KGS10Carbon SteelWD610(24″)φ730×19055KGS10Carbon SteelWD660(26″)φ780×19058KGS10Carbon SteelWD711(28″)φ831×19060KGS10Carbon SteelWD762(30″)φ882×19065KGS10Carbon SteelWD813(32″)φ933×19068KGS10Carbon SteelWD864(34″)φ984×19072KGS10Carbon SteelWD914(36″)φ1034×19075KGS10Carbon SteelWD1016(40″)φ1136×19080KGS10Carbon SteelWD1067(42″)φ1187×19082KGS10Carbon SteelWD1118(44″)φ1238×19084KGS10Carbon SteelWD1219(48″)φ1339×19085KGS10Carbon Steel

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