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Screw-type Geological Drill Pipe

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(ontology) Groove drill pipeBased on the geological drill pipe,Website:, the rib drill pipe is made of high abrasion resistant plane helical blade, and is welded with the fully automatic welding. High-quality geological drilling special alloy steel tube is used for the drill rod, drill pipe joints using high quality alloy structural steel, by high pressure molding, vacuum quenching and tempering treatment, friction welding, advanced production technology and processing; rib pipe in soft coal seam and the rock burst conditions greatly reduces the drill rod locking, drill damaged and lost phenomenon. In addition, because of the wide helical blade of the rib, the rib drill rod can not be cut in the drilling hole wall, and will not cause the deviation of the wall. Groove drill pipe, also known as rib pipe body is in high-quality thick alloy steel based, using advanced CNC machining process for tube body slot milling, relative to the rib rod, groove drill pipe have rib pipe discharging speed, small rotational drag advantage, also in the deep hole drilling, due to the advantage of integrated design process and the wall thickness, the better wear resistance using longer life.Product Application:Geological alloy drill rod is used to the advanced detection of the working seam in coal mine industry, such as water detection and methane extraction drilling. Meantime, geological alloy drill rod has the high torque property same as that of outward flat geological drill rod, which enable to proceed the regular boring and construction in the rock gangway. Geological alloy drill rod is widely used in boring construction of drilling, anchoring and blasting of many industries, such as drilling and anchoring in petroleum, coal mine, metal ore extraction, railway and highway, tunnel and bridge, hydraulic engineering and so on.Technical ParameterNo.DiameterSpiral diameterSteel productsTorqueDepthMatching rigBit diameter1Φ42mmΦ50mmDZ503000n/m100mZDY-450,540,1200,Φ75,84mm2Φ50mmΦ63.5mmDZ507000n/m150mΦ84, 94mm3Φ63.5mmΦ73mmR7808000n/m200mZDY-1900,3200,4000,6000Φ94, 113mm4Φ73mmΦ89mmR78010000n/m200mΦ113,127mm5Φ73mmΦ98mmR78010000n/m200mΦ113,146mm6Φ63.5mmGroove size22 X 2 X 4R7807500n/m150mZdy-1900,3200,4000,6000Φ94mm7Φ73mmR78010000n/m200mΦ94, 113mm

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