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carton size mmArt noDescriptionSize LxWxHcolorpcs/innerpcs/ctnLWHcbmN.W. KGG.W. KG1013010-1Scrubber 40gr economyØ110mmmesh101206102003200.039044.85.551013020Scrubber 60gr economyØ130mmmesh101006002503700.055566.91013120-1Scrubber 60grØ80mmst iron101204803202850.0437767.27.85Steel scrubber has strong antibacterial effect in inhibiting fungal reproduction, causes the stench, does not pollute the environment, widely used in restaurants, hotels, cooking utensils and other oil clean, industrial buildings and dirt removal, selection of high quality raw materials, made of wire drawing and water, is not contaminated with oil, does not rust, clean and bright, soft and elastic, inner spiral preparation to stubborn stains, off chip, clean ball raw materials not to hurt the hand, does not damage the surface, long-term repeated use.

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