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Sea Cucumbers Patallus Mollis

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Jesus De Nazareth Peruvian
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We are a seafood processors and exporters from peru. our factories is in peru. we do export of Dried sea cucumbers , We are looking for reliable and serious buyers to establish a long term business relationship with at very favorable terms and conditions sealed by honesty and trust.DRY SEA CUCUMBER Cutted, boiled Origin : peruvian Common name : Pepino de mar English name : Sea Cucumber Scientific name : Patallus Mollis Moisture: 10% apporx. Size: 4 Cm to 8Cm Color : Black purple Packaging : 20 kG come in contact

we are company exporter seaweeds Dried different varietes,species:suginori,beni,midori.shiro,chondracanthus chamisoi,lessonia trabeculata,macrocystis integrifolia,Gigartina chamissoi,chondrus crispus,gracilaria,musgo irlanda,sea lettuce,macrocystis pyrifera,irish moss,ulva lactuca,gigartina tenella,chondrus canaliculatus,chicorea de mar, seamoss,yuyo,mococho,codium,sargassum,chondracanthus tenellus,chicoria de mar Ascophillum nodosum,Alginate sodium,brown,kelp,sea cucumbers,patallus mollis,


we have two presentations available for human consumption for industry.Agar.comestic.carrageen.carragenan. come in contact

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