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Sea Letucce Seaweed Dried

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Superiority Specifications: Dried sea lettuce is about 1500-2000 MT per years, it usually use for animal feed, especially abalone feed. We are supplying our Ulva Sea Lettuce Seaweed for the Human Consumption (in forms : raw material,bulk ). Our Ulva Sea Lettuce Seaweed is cleaned by water salt and dried by sun shine with GOOD specification We are finding and would like to establish a long-term business relationship with reliable buyers of Dried Seaweed products. We hope will have chance to cooperate with you in the future! If you have any question, Please do to contact with me via email. Welcome anytime!!! I'm looking forward to hearing from you soonest. Best Regards, Ms.alex

we are an company exporters seaweed Dried different varietes. species:moss irleand. chondrus crispus. sea lettuce. ulva lactuca. sea moss. gracilaria. musgo de mar. macrocystis integrifolia. lessonia nigrenscens. chicorea de mar. yuyo. mococho. chondracanthus tenellus. gigartina tenella. macrocystis pyrifera. musgo irlanda. lessonia trabeculata. chondracanthus chamissoi. chondrus canaliculatus. chicoria de mar. suginori. beni. midori. shiro. codium. Gigartina chamissoi. moss pearlescent. sargassum. Ascophyllum moss. alginate sodium. kelp. brown. sea cucumbers: patallus mollis. we have two presentations available for human consumption for industry. AGar. carrageen. carragenan. comestic.



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