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Sea Port Galvanized Spiral Steel Silo

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The main function: The silo is built directly on spot by using special machineries that, thanks to their advanced technology, enable us to build cylinders from 2,70 meters to 25,00 meters diameter and height, up to 35,00 meters. This advantage allows the engineers, the designer and the user himself, to exploit to the utmost the space available as well as a cheaper and more intelligent employment of the building site. The silo has an inside flat smooth wall, a very important device which avoids stagnation of dust and product (that usually forms in the recesses of the corrugated walls causing proliferation of moulds and insects) and which permits a more versatile use. The silo can be built with an absolute air- watertight system: this advantage allows to storage also liquid products as well as being extremely useful for the storing of cereal products themselves. The silo differently from corrugated one is suitable to any kind of bulk storage; that it means: aggregates (like cements, coal, gypsum, carbonates, etc), sludge, biomasses, chemical, plastic products and liquids. The advantage of the steel storage silo: Low cost for construction, low cost for installation period. Standardization component, easy maintanence and change. integrated control by computer, can gather data through the remote device. Easy to maintain. for single componet, it is easy to remove, repair and change. Applications: ● coal storage ● bulk cargos storage ● bulk grain storage ● finished products storage Features And Benefits: ● convenient used high speed loading and unloading system ● high automatic ● high convey speed ● good sealing ● galvanized steel plate material ● base manhole ● Long working life: 25-30 years ● measuring temperature, level control ● fumigation,refrigeration and ventilation, dust removalSilo Options: ● lipp steel silo ● assembly steel silo

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