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Seaweed Macrocystis Integrifolia Dried

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lessonia nigrescens
Macocystis integrifolia(pyrifera)
lessonia trabeculata
Ascophyllum nodosum
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Industrial sodium alginate, mainly used for printing and dyeing industry as reactive dye and paper glue, welding rod coating, thickening, detergent, etc.
It has been a long history since sodium alginate is used in starching paste, paste finishing and printing paste. In print, it is the good material widely used in cotton wool. Silk and synthetic fibers. Especially since the reactive dye was found in the world, no other gelatinigation compares favorably with her so far.
Sodium alginate has unique properties as reactive dye paste. The reaction fiber reactive dye and will fix the dye to the fiber. So the printing paste should be used in the dyeing process, without interfering with or participate in the chemical reaction. If the paste is in the response, which will be attached to the fiber, and this caused the dyed fiber feel hard, become more brittle, the color is not so good. When sodium alginate as printing paste is used, it can affect any of the processes of dye or reactive dyeing fibers, this creates the clear and vivid color, the maximum amount of dyeing and a good feeling. Alginate is not only suitable for color cotton cloth; It also applies to wool, silk printing synthetic fiber.
The products of medium and low viscosity are applied to the needs of network printing, roll style and handwork printing. Actually, the printing paste made of sodium alginate has good stability property which can produce thin layer in the printing process and thus make the performance increase dyer. This paste also has good permeability print, print uniformity and wettability, the fiber membrane is smooth, firm but easy to wash. Thus sodium alginate is very ideal printing paste.
Related Keywords: lessonia nigrescens, Macocystis, lessonia, trabeculata, Ascophyllum nodosum, for  extraction alginate sodium (brown kelp)
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