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Sec-butanol - Getchem


PRICE: contract price
Product Description

We can supply Sec-Butanol (78-92-2)

 With lowest factory price, high quality and regular basis.


Specification of Sec-Butanol (78-92-2)




Colorless and transparent, no mechanical impurities

Content (%)



Non-volatile matter mg./100ml,



Acidity(count per acetic acid not content CO2)%(m/m)


The results conforms with enterprise standards


More about Sec-Butanol

CAS: 78-92-2

Standard: Technical grade

Content: 99.9%min.

Capacity: 1000MT/month

Loading port: Shanghai

Synonyms:(R,S)-Butan-2-ol;(RS)-2-butanol;1-Methyl propanol;1-methylpropanol;1-Methylpropyl alcohol;1-methylpropylalcohol;2-butanol,DL-;Alcohol butylique secondary



Use of Sec-Butanol:


1. for the production of methyl ethyl ketene intermediates for the preparation of butyl acetate, sec-butyl and the like. As an anti-emulsifying agent, a dye dispersant, a dehydrating agent, paint remover, industrial detergents and the like. Also it serves as the manufacture of plasticizers, processing agents, herbicides, oil extraction, wetting agents, perfumes and the like. Because butane coatings to increase workability and ductility, it can be used nitro spray paint, lacquer thinner co solvent.

2. Butane is mainly used for the preparation of bananas, butter, cheese and other food flavors and whiskey. In the candy 34mg / kg; baked foods 32mg / kg; soft drinks 12mg / kg; cold drinks 7.0mg / kg; the cream of 4.0mg / kg; alcohol 1.0mg / kg.

3. used as a solvent and chromatographic analysis standard material.

4. for the manufacture of methyl ethyl ketene, as a raw material synthetic fragrance dyes, etc., but also as a solvent. [3]


Package of Sec-Butanol:

19MT/ISO tank

Storage: Stored in the dry and ventilated inside storeroom, prevent direct sunlight, slightly pile and put down


Why Choose Us:

1. Lowest price

 The price we offered is from the lowest price in China, No commission, no margin.

2. Strict quality control system         

We take responsibility for the whole process of the deal. Our factory all have ISO Certificate, we have strict quality control system, All of our technicians are professional , they are strictly on quality control.

Before order, we can send the sample for your testing. We ensure the quality is the same as bulk quantity.

SGS is acceptable.

3. Prompt delivery

We have good cooperation with many professional forwarders here; we can send the product to you once you confirm the order.

4. Flexible payment term

We can accept flexible payment terms such as T/T LC at sight or DP etc


Getchem is professional platform of Sec-Butanol.

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Company Info

Contact Person:
olei jane


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