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Self Adhesive Bitumen Membrane

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Product Description
Product Mian Material CAS No EINECS No MF  Place of  Origin Self adhesive bitumen membrane bitumen 8052-42-4 232-490-9 mixture Shanghai, China 1、Description Self-adhesive Bitumen Membrane is a self-adhesive membrane made of rubber. It is excellent in blocking water, air and noise. It never gets cured and has excellent property of elastic deformation, for which it can reduce the noise more effectively. Self-adhesive bitumen membrane is an extraordinary coiled material for roofing because it is cost-effective and easy to apply, and it has excellent performance in terms of waterproofing and insulation. Its Shelf life is 12 months if put in a cool and dry place with original package. 2、Application Area: Self-adhesive Bitumen Membrane is widely used in roofing, flooring and sound insulation. When you use it, first remove the release paper or film, then stick it to wherever necessary, and finally compress it tight.  3、Product dimensions 1.2mmx1mx20m; 1.5mmx1mx20m; 2.0mmx1mx15m.

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