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Self Adhesive Fiberglass Mesh

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Product Description
◆Specification9×9mesh/inch, 60g/m2; 9×9mesh/inch, 75g/m 2; 6×5mesh/inch, 90g/m; 10×10mm, 110g/m; 5×5mm, 125g/m; 5×5mm, 145g/m; 10×10mm, 145g/m ; 6×6mesh/inch, 152g/m; 5×5mm, 160g/m etcWidth:1m,1.2m,38inch,48inch etcLength:50m,100m,150ft etc◆PackageEach roll in plastic bag with label2 or 3 inch paper tubeWith carton box or pallet◆QualityFirst, we use high quality alkali resistant coating, so that the mesh is strong and the fiberglass yarn is not to fall out Second, our adhesive glue is particular and perfect. So our product has good character of adhesive and it could keep long time, at the same time the self adhesive mesh is easy to unroll◆Recommend productsDescribe: very soft and very sticky self adhesive fiberglass meshApplication: it is used in complicated modeCharacter: after use our product, it will not easy to bulge or adhesive failure in 72 hours, because our adhesive glue is particular and perfect.Specification: 6×5mesh/inch, 90gm2,   6×5mesh/inch, 140gm2 , 6×6mesh/inch, 160gm2 etcWidth: 9.5inch, 38inchLength: 150ft

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