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Self-regulation Electric Heating Cable

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Wuxi Hengye Electric Heater Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China self-regulation electric heating cable manufacturers, welcome to wholesale cheap self-regulating heat trace, self-regulation electric heating cable, self-limiting temperature heating cables from our factory.Self-regulating Electric Heating CableFunctions:Automatically adjusts heat output in response to increasing or decreasing pipe temperature2. Can be cut to length with no wastage3.Will not overheat or burnout, even when overlapped4.Full range of controls and accessories5.Approved for use in non-hazardous, hazardous and corrosive environments6.Ideal for fitting to instrument lines and small diameter pipes7.Available for 110V,220V,380V8.Possible to consume less electricity because it applied PTC characteristic9.Easy to install and maintenanceHow the Self-regulating Electric Heating Cables Work?Self Regulating Heating Cables provide the most versatility in heat trace designs and applications. Constructed of a semiconductive heater matrix extruded between parallel bus wires, a self-regulating cable adjusts its output to independently respond to ambient temperatures all along its length. As temperatures increase, the heater’s resistance increases which lower the output wattage. Conversely, as the temperature decreases, the resistance decreases and the cable produces more heat. So it is no need thermostat in some will never overheat or burnout even when wrapped by itself (overlapped).Also can be cut to any length.Inner DiagramTechnical Parameters:Maximum Temperature: 85℃(185f)Maximum Permissible 85℃(185f)Minimum Installtion Temperature -40℃Power Supply 110-120VAC,220-277VACTemperature Classification up to 31W/m T6(85℃),40W/m and/or 277V T4 (135℃)Maximum Resistance of Protective Braiding 18.2 Ohm/kmFunctionPipe freeze protection Process temperature maintenance Roof gutter de-icing Tank heatingApplication fieldsCommercial fieldsApplication EnvironmentNon-hazardous,hazardous,corrosive environmentsProduct Structure16awg tinned copper buswires Self-regulating semi-conductive core TEP insulation Tinned copper braid Optional outerjacket-TEP or FEPService voltage110V-120V,220V-277VMax.maintain temperature(power on)65℃(149F)Max.exposure temperature(power on or off)85℃(185F)Min.installation temperatureBelow zero 40℃(below zero 40°F)Output power(at 10℃)10w/m,17w/m,25w/m,31w/m,40w/mMax.resisitance of braiding18.2Ohm/kmOuterjacketThermoplastic:flame retardant,protect against inorganic chemical solutions abrasion and impact damage Fluoropolymer:used for exposure to organic or corrosive solutionsInstallation PhotosProduct PhotosWuxi Hengye Electrical Heater HistoryEstablished in 2001, Wuxi Hengye Electrical Heater Equipment focus on manufacturing the exposion-proof electric equipments and elements.Relying on our excellent quality, We have got a lot of certificates, such as 3C , CE, ISO9001, EX, ROHS, 14000 Environment certification,18000 occupational health and safety system certification.We have nearly 40 patents which honored us the High-tech enterprise of Jiangsu province.Factory and OfficeCustomers Visiting

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