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Self-unloading Iron Remover

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Brief introduction to self-unloading type iron removerSelf-unloading type iron remover is divided into two kinds of permanent magnetic iron remover and electromagnetic iron remover. Self-unloading type permanent magnetic iron remover consists of high performance permanent magnet magnetic core,Website:, abandoned iron straps, gear motor, frame, roller and other parts, and is matched with all kinds of conveyor systems to use. It is used to automatically remove ferromagnetic material from nonmagnetic materials. RCYD, RCYC series suspension self-unloading type permanent magnetic iron remover is a kind of automatic discharge iron type iron removal equipment, which can automatically throw out ferromagnetic material that adsorb on the iron remover by the rotation of the unloading iron straps to achieve automatic unloading iron. RCDD super series super dry-type self-unloading electromagnetic iron remover can realize continuous automatic unloading iron and is suitable for all kinds of harsh environments. The machine type has advantage of wide scope of application, energy saving and power saving, convenient maintenance, extremely low failure rate and can be operated with stability and reliance in the extreme harsh environment, thus being the most one type used by many manufacturers. It also has explosion-proof type.RCYD, RCYC series belt self-unloading type iron remover main technical parameters:model      Parameters      ItemAdaptive Belt Width      mmRated Height      h=mmMaterial Thickness      ≤mmMagnetic Field Intensity      ≥mTDriving Power      ≤KWAdaptive Belt Speed      ≤m/sWorking FormWeight      kgBoundary Dimension mmABCDERCY(D)D-5500150100651.52.5Working Form7501900735935753950RCY(D)D-6600/650180130651.5920205078010307531100RCY(D)D-6.5650200150701.51200216578010808881200RCY(D)D-8800250200702.214002350786128010881300RCY(D)D-101000300250703.021202660920155013351400RCY(D)D-121200350300704.0335028601010172015151550RCY(D)D-141400400350704.0445032251050198017551800RCY(D)D-161600450400705.5620033501180216018501950RCY(D)D-181800500450755.5810035801210245021302200RCY(D)D-202000550500757.5970038001300270024102400

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