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Semiconductor Laser Marker

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Basic InfoModel NO.:XHP-1290Engraving Machine Type:CNC Engraving MachineTrademark:SHINHOPOrigin:Shenzhen ChinaHS Code:84561000 Our laser marker XHP-1290 (50W Diode side-pump laser marking machine) key parts adopt import from Europe and America, so it has a stable performance, a good beam quality, a high cost performance and long life. Laser marker adopts an extremely fine laser beam which is generated after focusing on processing, high-energy, belongs to non-contact processing, do not produce the mechanical squeezing or mechanical stress. Its laser marking heat affected zone is small, processing is fine, cost is low, and it is easy to operate with no pollution, can accomplish some conventional methods cannot achieve process. Semiconductor laser marker software runs on WINDOWS platform, Chinese interface, can compatible with AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP and so on many kinds of software file formats, such as PLT, DXF, AI, BMP, JPG, GIF, etc, also can use directly TTF SHX and dictionaries.1. High efficiency (up to 20 %), less consumption.2. Long life: Some light power measurement in the measurement equipment manufacturer of the laser light source change the initial He - laser into diode laser, in order to get the best machinery life (He - en general for 10 ^ laser life, while diode laser four HR for 10 ^ 5HR life, a difference of ten times), especially suitable for on-site long operation.3. Laser marker can achieve a switch function instantly, so laser marker is appropriate communication purposes. Semiconductor laser marker will be settled soon when starting, and with circuit modulation is very appropriate, such as the output pulse wave modulation method can be used measured distance (and He - en 30 minutes of laser must boot only stable, this is absolutely not the semi-conductor laser).4. Available in different wavelength: Using periodic table, for example III/V family gaas chemical compounds can be made of laser diode, when the current is conveyed pn interface, because of through different compounds to send out all visible laser and not visible laser. Semiconductor laser just change the proportion of combined elements so as to change the different energy interval, and different energy interval, provide a different output wavelength. Because of the infrared and red wavelengths in communication and measurement, laser marker is easily with the various sensors on with and get very wide range of purposes.5. Mechanical properties aspects: Have strong, weight light advantages.Type: XHP-1290Biggest laser power: 50WLaser wavelength: 1064nmBeam quality: M2 < 3.5Laser repeat frequency: ≤ 50KHzMarking scope: 110 x 110mm (optional)Marking depth: ≤ 0.3mmMarking line speed: Acuities 7000mm/sMinimum line width 0.015 mmMinimum character size: 0.3 mmRepeat precision: ± 0.01 mmInput power: 1.3KWElectrical source: 220V/single-phase / 50Hz / 15A.

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