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Semifluid Pump Grease

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Semifluid Pump GreaseBasic Information: Base OilImported mineral oilThickenerLithiumAdditivesMany additivesTypical Values: ItemTypical ValuesNLGI Grade0#00#000#Worked cone penetration, 0.1mm355-385400-430445-475Dropping Point,℃          ≥170170165Corrosion(T2 sheet copper,100℃,24h)≤PASSPASSPASSEvaporation (99℃, 22h)% ≤ Viscosity (-10ºC,10S-1),    Pa·s)150150150Features: →Excellent Lubrication; →Excellent water proof and anti-corrosion capacity.Application: Used for: 1)lubrication of concrete pumping truck, machinery in concrete batching plant; 2)centralized lubrication of large-scale equipment, e.g. mining machine, farm machine etc; 3)lubrication of injection machine, gear and worm wheel etc.Temperature range: -20℃~100℃.

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