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Sensor Permanent Smco Magnet

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Product Description
Sensor SmCo magnet is composed of Samarium, Cobalt, and a few transition metals. SmCo magnet is high performance, low temperature coefficient rare earth permanent magnets, and could keep their performance under the maximum working temperature up to 350 degree centigrade.Sensorr SmCo Mgnet Characteristics are as follows:GradeBRHcBHcJBH(Max)Curie tempWork tempAlloy seriesMT GsKA/m OeKA/m OeKJ/m3 MgoeºCºCSmCo18800      8000640      80001430      18000144      187502501:5SmCo20850      8500640      80001590      20000160      20750250SmCo22900      9000650      82001430      18000176      22750250SmCo24980      9800676      85001430      18000192      248003002:17SmCo26L1050      10500410      5150432      5430208      26800300SmCo261000      10000726      90001194      15000208      26800300SmCo26M1000      10000716      90001590      20000208      26800300SmCo281030      10300760      95001430      18000224      28800300SmCo28H1030      10300760      95001590      20000224      28800300SmCo30H1100      11000480      6000560      7000240      30800300The shipment & Payment of SmCo MagnetPackage:33X23X26CM Standard export packageDelivery time:10-15daysPayment:T/T, Paypal and West unionShipment termAir(DHL, FEDEX,TNT) and sea shipment

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